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More About Claire Mace Nutrition..

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Having a positive relationship with food and nutrition has always been so important to me, not only for our long-term physical health, but also for our emotional and mental wellbeing. We can't opt out of food, it's a basic requirement of life. 

I love educating and empowering people in taking back control to exceed their goals. I decided I wanted to provide a safe, stigma free space for people to be able to learn, progress and maintain health and nutrition. I began the pursuit of my career as a Nutritionist in 2014, since then I have qualified with a Nutrition Degree (BSc) and Masters Degree (MSc - Nutrition and Behaviour). My combined 11 year professional and personal experience has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of people and a variety of health issues. This led me to my area of expertise, I am proud to specialise in women’s health and child nutrition.

I am a big believer in using a multifaceted approach in order to achieve so called optimum health, and most importantly happiness. Whilst still using an evidence-based approach, of course. Health and nutrition is heavily influenced by many different aspects of our lives, and is quite frankly deeply complex and intertwined. Using this kind of approach means considering those realistic factors to not only be successful in a goal, but making sure each aspect of your life is getting much needed attention. For a better physical and mental health and increased quality of life.

As a Nutritionist, I offer a range of Nutritional educational services, including coaching, ebooks, events and consultations. Each service is created to be bespoke and built around you.

Everyone has that dream perception of what you would like to achieve, whether it is to ditch that diet mentality, or thrive in your long-term improved health. Let’s begin your journey together today.

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